“Turnkey” project

In today’s world, a fine dining place is not only the warmth and hospitality of the host, delicious and unique dishes created by a Chef, but a clearly structured and organized system of all parts of the business processes, in one way or another related to the successful operation of an enterprise. With many years of experience in Ukraine, as well as with our partners abroad, we create projects that bring pleasing results to all participants in the process. A restaurant is a business with a heart and soul but it requires the same modern approach as a human life itself. Our team is armed with professional tools of Western-world business structures adapted to the requirements of the Ukrainian market.

Making your business our team is the first step on the path to success.
The main activities under the “turnkey project”:

  • Concept
  • Architectural solutions
  • Process engineering
  • Financial consulting
  • Management and audit
  • Recruitment and training staff
  • Marketing
  • Management of the restaurant (consulting support)

Restaurant management

The main idea of restaurant management by our company lies on the surface: to allow a business owner to have an outside look at his/her business, to see how effectively his/her enterprise can run in the hands of professionals who enjoy increasing your profits and popularity of the restaurant among the clientele. We have experience in not only the creation, but also in administration of both single, as well as a network of enterprises.

Cooperation scenarios are specific for different companies but are similar only in one thing – honesty and integrity of our reputation with business partners of which we take pride in and value. Transparency and trust in business is the main principle of cooperation. The relationship is always more important for us than a fleeting benefit.

How you will benefit from our management of your company:
1) Fully structured work of your enterprise in the spheres of finance, quality, safety, and development.
2) Understand each (stress - everyone - from the cleaners to the manager) of the employee's place in the organization, their responsibilities and functional.
3) Clear the point of evaluating the performance of each employee and the business processes of the enterprise
4) You will no longer respond to the "absurd" questions of your employees - all processes are formalized and implemented
5) You get rid of the theft, and unforeseen costs and risks in the enterprise
6) You will increase the loyalty of your staff. Developed and implemented procedures for the recruitment, training and development of your employees will make your company one of the most popular among job seekers
7) You will get an excellent springboard for the development of your business or a network. Subsequent opening of new restaurants will be held with less headache - all processes are defined and worked out at the existing plant.

Do you want to start selling your business? Franchise? After the end of the project you will have the right to do, because your buyer will acquire not just a "nice package", but also a fully-structured system to manage their business.



Concept is a basic idea that defines your strategy of action for the future project. Many of today’s successful businessmen in Ukraine, when starting a business make all decisions based mainly on intuition, common sense and consumer demand. That was the time to form the capital and introduce funds into the game in the shadow economy. In the modern global economy we have to adopt international standards and rules of doing business to get maximum results in the form of profits and minimal results in the form of risk in the future, analyzing and avoiding them before the start of the project.

Our concept is for you:

  • Business Plan
  • Analytics, search the location and selection of accommodation
  • Identification of the target audience
  • Development of architecture
  • Development of interior design and restaurant furniture
  • Technology cuisine of the restaurant systems
  • Selection and purchase of equipment and inventory

We perform these tasks before your successful ascent of Olympus flawless restaurants.
In the success, which, besides luck, is our professional design and unique idea of bringing a sense of delight to your customers every day.


Architectural project

Architectural project is the most of our items accurately determine the needs of customers and future customers in the restaurant’s present and future time – thanks to our acquired experience.

With the construction of objects from scratch on a clean piece of land or a ready-made premises, hotels, we are always the first to pursue the goal of a harmonious adheres most closely to the concept of integrity architecture approved by our client, with this in mind the guest and employee future restaurant.

Architectural plan, developed by a team of specialists Galushko Consulting Group comprises the following main components:

Draft plan
It includes sketches of design solutions space, light, furniture and technical equipment, planning, detailed drawing of the chosen design, 3-D visualization.

This construction budget and complete estimates for construction, with a phased allocation of resources, and our expert judgment when choosing a contractor.

It includes a plan scheme of communications: water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation, electrical equipment.
Entrusting the creation of an architectural plan for professional catering business, you will protect against any miscalculations and errors and will provide the perfect job places.


Technologic process

Our team of designers has years of experience. This allows us to easily use the principle of maximum efficiency in the optimal labor and energy costs in running the company. Observing and making out all the legal and legislative provisions necessary to conduct this type of activity, we are making the most effective solutions for the successful function of the enterprise.

In the first place, we are oriented at the comfort and safety of our guests, usability and maximum work efficiency of our personnel, real cost-saving before launching a project and during its full existence. In a restaurant projected by us, the owner will always be happy to see results of high quality personnel work, service and comfort of visitors.
Our three principles in designing a restaurant are easy to remember but difficult to implement by amateurs:

  • Safety
  • Cost-reduction
  • Comfort

Safety is reached primarily thanks to following regulations and requirements of fire and sanitary norms, security system and notifications. Designing stage is exactly when one can avoid and prevent possible emergency situations at the object. It’s about the safety of people and our team is extremely responsible in making decisions on these issues.

Savings - on the stages of design, we offer our partners a couple of the best options in the decisions of the effectiveness and relevance of the concept in the direction of the equipment and inventory. From this will directly depend on energy costs, the number of personnel required, the frequency of service, efficiency of the enterprise. Savings in our understanding of it is your highest profit, not futile to reduce costs.
Comfort - in our understanding of it when it is clear, accessible, convenient and just perfect for each category of visitors and employees working for you. At the heart of our solutions is the ergonomics and it allows us to most accurately meet the desires of the staff. In a given area sometimes not - it just goes to avoid crossing the streams of visitors and staff of specialists in different areas, so that they in turn will not interfere with each other in fulfilling my duties.
Our projects it - the atmosphere in which your guests can only relax and enjoy the ensemble of what is happening around the action, this is comfort, which in addition to home-like atmosphere, cordiality and hospitality present an exact calculation of our specialists.

Technological project the most important aspect of preparation of all areas, lines, perfect for your future business, this first step and contribution, for a long time will appreciate the many generations of customers and employees of your company.
We, in turn, will simply make the project accessible and understandable to all. It's simple - brilliantly proved by our experience.

Three Chef's presenting chocolate cakes in the kitchen

Management and audit

We provide services of management and audit, both at the stage of building a restaurant (hotel), and at the launch and operation of the enterprise.

Management services:

  1. During the construction phase we professionally organize the work with contractors, subcontractors and suppliers within the optimal time required for the project implementation.
  2. As required we will amend or amplify the architectural and design solutions, and will do everything to create the perfect place for your guests to relax.
  3. You can trust us with the registration of all permits and creation of your future company, purchase management, installation and commissioning of the equipment so you can fully trust us.
  4. At the launch stage of the company, we develop and implement business management system, perform the selection and training of personnel. Preparation of professionals is one of our priorities.

We undertake a complete management of a restaurant (hotel), as well as elaboration and implementation of its development plan, and you receive a guaranteed result a thriving and successful project.


Audit services:

By entrusting us with audit of a restaurant, you will receive a guaranteed financial results and will avoid reckless spending.

1) Financial and investment audit:

Precisely because of our many years of practical application in the field of financiers, we are professionals, we will tell you about finances simple and affordable. We create and select the most simple and ordinary programs and solutions for financial reporting and planning for the future of your business. Optimize your costs of purchase. We show accurate information about the possibilities of your business partners. Only with us you'll be guaranteed to know when to expect a return on your investment.

2) Audit of personnel:

Sometimes even the most pragmatic and purposeful businesses owners are hard questions assess the performance of their staff. In the course of this audit level is set to match the employee of that office, valued personal qualities, given the complex characteristics of the employees. Our reports are cold and impartial - our conclusions and solutions are humane and are optimal for both parties.
From training to develop individual incentive programs and programs of systematic quality control staff. We value our employees; they meet us in return, which is reflected in the performance of our business success.

Entrust the formation of your team, our company, and you get great results in the form of profit and popularity of your restaurant.


Financial consulting

Financial matters of the company can accumulate crisis held back by your accountant and financial director to avoid upsetting you or simply not to lose their bonuses. We propose one simple but very efficient solution to this problem – financial audit by external experts.

Our team also specializes in financial matters of HoReCa sphere will offer you efficient solutions for optimizing and cost-saving in such directions:

  1. Purchase of new equipment, inventory at the opening of the new venture, the daily replenishment of stocks required products.
  2. Costs associated with the activities of your company
  3. The formation of the cost of manufactured products and services
  4. The formation of the cost of labor and the development of incentive programs based on the existing system support
  5. Maintain all financial activities of the enterprise, taking into account your individual develop a reporting system transparent and accessible in real-time.

We reduce your time to make important decisions in financial matters.
Time is money; we appreciate your time, as you do.



Marketing is not only about advertising. We would rather define our approach to this science or art as “management system of a capitalist enterprise”. Everything is based on money that has a habit of changing its owner. We change this habit into regularity by means of correct identification and foreseeing the needs of our target audience. Your future clientele will not simply part with their money – they will have a pleasure to do it.

Our marketing starts with the requirement for the applicant to work, he signed the job description and the signal goes into the world of consumers, our environment, in which we are like a fish in water.
We give our customers a lot of positive emotions.
We create a mechanism that not only works, but also manages consumer demand.

You will get satisfied.


Personnel selection

Dear restaurateurs,

our company has worked in restaurant industry for over 10 years now. During these years we’ve selected a great personnel reserve of collaborators, colleagues, and just simply professionals of their trade who will gladly share their skills. Our team will provide you with all information you need about the contenders for any position, as well as organize the training courses for the personnel to improve the quality of service and cooking in your restaurant.

Dear specialists!

Our company is pleased to meet you, will appreciate your professional skills. And also help to find a decent job for the further improvement and self-realization, the geography of our projects is not limited to Ukraine. If you are interested in cooperation and vacancies of our restaurants and you can contact us via telephone or fill out a form on the site, and you will become one step closer to your dream job.