Franchising – a great way to start your business quickly, cost-effectively and under a recognizable brand. Franchise coffee shops, pizzerias, restaurants and other catering establishments – one of the most popular in the world. Franchise gets its rapid spread to many areas of business just because of the success of restaurant franchises.

“Kozachok” restaurant.

The most prominent and successful project of "Kozyrnaya Karta", which rightfully ranks at the first place for visits by regular clients. Once you try Ukrainian cuisine at this restaurant and feel the charm of folk cordiality and hospitality, no one will be able to refuse to once again be immersed in this ritual of initiation into Ukrainian life and culture. "Kazachok" is a national cuisine gathered by the crumbs from all over the country. Outstanding collection of household and cultural values of our people who gladly appreciate not only tourists and guests of our country, but also the residents, learning and discovering new horizons of knowledge of history of their country. Restaurant “Kazachok” is a business with heart and soul, bringing pleasure to the owner and his guests.
The project is implemented by our employees and implies full consultation and management support during implementation and throughout the work of enterprise. For more information please contact our central office and fill out an information form on our website.


“Ciro Pomadoro” Restaurant.

International restaurant chain of a legendary restaurateur Ciro Orsini. Gourmet of Italian cuisine and live music lover, Mr. Orsini successfully put it all together back in 1976 in London, the center of world music and gastronomic gourmet paradise. The first restaurant Ciro Pomadoro earned many accolades and gained a reputation as a place where you can come across absolutely any world star. Thanks to the great charisma of the owner of Ciro Pomodoro, it has become a cult place in London and soon began its journey around the world.
The project is implemented in cooperation with a team of international experts of Mr. Orsini's company, involves consulting and management support during implementation and throughout the operation of enterprise, the signing of contracts for the right to use the trademark as part of the ongoing project. For more information, please fill in the form, our specialists will contact you throughout the day.



It is all about a home-made Italian stuffing, the best traditions of our grandmothers' baking of cakes, fresh pasta prepared in fornt of your eyes, sauces and fillings without additives and artificial flavor enhancers, sandwiches made from our own just bakedbread, as well as salads, have long been the masterpieces of world cuisine.

 Fast - Casual?
The segment benefited from a fast-food visitors buying at a low price, and restaurant guests, buying at a high price. This format is distinguished from fast food by a stylish interior, the availability of reusable utensils, cooking for each individual client. Meals are created with good quality products. From the fast food it takes a concise menu, quick service, low price margin, democratic atmosphere, standardization of management processes, menu and interior, and, as a rule, network way of doing business with the possible use of franchising.
The establishment of this business is manifested primarily by the lack of quality offers in our market at an affordable price. The creation of the project was attended by people with experience in the restaurant business, which significantly affects the quality of the offered products at an affordable price. Join us as, we wait for your letters, and if you are interested in participating in this project, please fill out the form or contact us by phone.